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Rhee Reamy

Third Place

Rhee Reamy

Rhee Reamy

"Edge of Extinction"

Digital Mixed Media , 16 " x 20"

Sale Price $250

Art is about those fleeting moments of visual magic where the emotional spirit is visually realized, “Like letting a Sunset embrace you, that powerful moment, between day & night and the mystery of being alive”.

It’s about communication. Art is visual communication transcending cultural trends and codes, not controlled by ego but by insightful automatic cues and rhythms. Art is about invention & re-invention, imagination and transcendence.

Art can change we look at the world. It can reveal a certain beauty or truth and disrupt or change our view of things. It can be a moment of epiphany, where we pause and our view of everything changes. Art is an unmediated experience; a one on one moment. At can unlock positional thinking, shatter taboos, disrupt normal patterns of our brain and has the power to open our heart and soul and defies boundaries. It transports, translates and transcends.

Art can be about pure expression, it does not need to be analyzed to the “nth degree. ”It’s not what you look at that matters it’s what you see. The world of reality has it’s limits, the world of the imagination is boundless.

Rhee Reamy has a lifetime of visual experience, inquiry and sensibility into the visual world. He is intrigued by the interplay of form, colour, shapes and textures and the inter-connections of the formal elements whether it be abstract or representational, He has a keen eye, discerning aesthetic and international insight.