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Sai Di

Third Place

Sai Di

Sai Di

"Study of Time and Movement "

charcoal on paper , 11" x 14"

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Artist Statement

“Time is not a movement in space. Space is a movement in time.” – Frederick Lenz

The above image is one third of a triptych intends to explore the nature and perception of time.  It takes a rather abstract and evocative approach beginning with two initial sketches inspired by the rotation of rings and spheres suggesting the transient and ever changing nature of time – ‘a priori’, which is essentially something known to be true or false before you experience it.

                       (Note: The two additional pieces of this triptych can be viewed in the “notable” section of this exhibition.)

The photo collage is an assemblage of thirty squared images with triangular wedges selectively inserted into corners. Each photo is of a white duvet sheet with an embroidered black letter spinning in the washing machine. The centripetal pattern adds to the conception of change and motion, – this change of space is possible only through the representation of time.

These non-euclidean geometries coincide with the circles in the original sketches, mapping out a centrifugal course which metaphysically coincides with the passing of time in the laundromat and changing of states, i.e. purifying and revitalizing of the intimate everyday items such as personal beddings, in the clutches of time.

The triptych suggests a conglomeration of accessing multiple possibilities of time at any given moment with the impression of an array. The punctured geometries revealed by the insertion of triangular wedges provide a sense of movement and accounts for the multi-dimensional space and stratification of time.

Artist Biography

Sai Di is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. She currently studies Visual Arts + Art History at University of British Columbia.