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Leslie Teegarden

First Place

Leslie Teegarden

Leslie Teegarden


Pastel, Acrylic, Enamel , 17" x 13"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

Howdothingscometogether – when they often start apart?

Over a lifetime, our brains monitor and absorb upwards of 997 Terabytes of information. How we process and piece together the cumulative stimuli informs our thinking, behaviors, perceptions, emotions and decisions. And as those pieces fall into place, our life’s bigger picture begins to reveal itself.

What do the rectangular shapes represent in this abstract mind?Compartmentalization? Our mind’s absolutes? The proverbial rhyme and reason? And what about the rest of the painting? Is it the curious mind, hungry for more knowledge? The creative, right cerebral hemisphere? Or is it the critical missing piece that completes the overall puzzle?

I leave that to your interpretation.




As a very little girl who loved to create, Leslie’s first ‘work of art’ was simple: her medium was colorful yarn on white plaster walls.

Her discovery that the yarn’s fibers stuck to the heavily texturized walls led to murals/graffiti all over the house. To this day, she still

seeks opportunities to be creative with her surroundings and her art. Leslie’s professional background is in advertising/PR and marketing. She currently lives

in Colorado and enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding and travel.