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Vivian Antonini

Fourth Place

Vivian Antonini

Vivian Antonini

"Still Life"

Mixed media and oil paint on canvas , 16" x 20"

Sale Price $650

Artist Statement

My Still Life Series represents the diversity of every day scenes with and abstract concept and the use of mixed media. For me the colors, textures and mixed media define the canvas flow with 2 dimensional views that allows you to see more that what is painted.

This series provides a view to a world in which molds have been totally replaced, so distant from our reality. Figures seem to have lost their original shapes, a space blending into each other by the use of colors and shades.


Artist Biography

Vivian Antonini is best known for her abstract painting designs. Her works has been described as 2D expressionist figurative paintings with a diversity of incorporated materials into her creations. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1964.  She started her passion for painting with oils early in life and her big influence is from her teacher and mother, Cecilia Benitez Level, a very recognized oil painting artist who has participated in many exhibitions around the globe.
Her love for the oils has led her to create many paintings with different techniques and themes. Her focus is on forms, textures and colors. She paints with her soul, putting in her works her mind, spirit, dreams, and even her nightmares.  Surreal Trend. Her projects consist of multiple types of works or series with a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings.
She is passionate about painting, and has tried many subjects and techniques using many materials. She works mostly with oil on canvas and mixed media, and recently has begun using acrylics on her paintings.
She believes that music affects not only how we feel and behave, but also it projects a unique energy when applied to painting. Music and painting do their share, and synchronize to create a beautiful piece. She is constantly pulled into new directions, that music and color give her. Rather than staying with one type of configuration, it reflects the desire for freedom and growth, always important in her works.