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Yong Chen

Second Place

Yong Chen

Yong Chen

"Monica's Hug"

Photogram, Unique Silver Gelatine Print , 85" x 45"

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Artist Statement

Hug is a group of full-body photograms which use analog photographic materials and techniques to portray a “hug” action in a non-traditional way. The hugging action is impressed and recorded in photographic paper. The creases and shape of the paper are made by hugging the material to create dimensional picture. I seek to merge what is invisible, including touch with the visible world through photography. This was inspired by an early 20th century avant-garde art practice, such as Cubism and Expressionism, and this group of work applies the characteristics of modern painting to contemporary photographic practice. That allows these works to act as abstract and free expressionism, while still keeping the initial details of the “hug” action from necked bodies which tells they’re photograms.

Artist Biography

Yong Chen’s works have exhibited at galleries and museums national wide such as Colorado Photographic Art Centre, Current Studio, Mattie Kelly Arts Centre, ARC Gallery, Los Angles Centre of Digital Art etc. In 2016-2017, his works as one of the permanent collection at LACDA, and win the 3rd place at the 25th Southeast Regional Juried Fine Art Exhibition. In the year 2016, his work was featured by, and the article has been read over 400k. Yong Chen is now working as an independent artist addressed at New York City, as well as a graduate student enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design for Photography.